Lunch recipes

Creepy Tiny Sausage Tacos

Time: 10 minutes on a slow day

Serves: 1 adult



1 1/2 leftover cooked Chrissy's Cuts Beef Brisket and Smuggled Greens sausages

1/2 a soft shell taco / wrap

1 small handful of your favourite leafy greens

1 goodish hunk of your favourite hard cheese (it's Colby for Chrissy)

1/2 a lovely rip avocado

A few baby tomatoes

A pot of your favourite sauce



1. Cut the half of a taco into three equal triangles. Cut the whole sausage in half. Wrap each sausage half in a taco triangle and secure it with a toothpick.

2. Cut up and arrange the remainder of the ingredients in your lunchbox.