Democracy Sausage

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Cast your vote!

Fire up your freedom BBQ! It’s sausage season! To ensure you have the most outrageously gourmet sausages in town on election day, get your Chrissy’s Cuts sausages now.

Rare as it is in politics, the Democracy Sausage has nothing to hide.  Made from whole cuts of real meat, with no junk, and always certified free range, Chrissy’s Cuts sausages are hand twisted in small batches at The Sausage Factory in Dulwich Hill, Sydney. The votes are in and they are a winner!

We’ve put together special Democracy Sausage packages to fire up the BBQ. Packages deals are available for pick up at The Sausage Factory only.

Your choices are:

  • Beef, bush tomato – the official democracy sausage of the season, designed in collaboration with Albo!

  • Pork, bacon, maple

  • Beef, roasted wattleseed, Tasmanian mountain pepper

  • Kangaroo, Dorrigo pepper, aniseed myrtle

  • Chicken, preserved lemon, honey, oregano

  • Pork Nuremburg rostbratwurst

 All sausages are approximately 95-100g each but may differ as they’re handmade.

See below for delivery details, dietaries and tasting notes.

Choose your sausage package

Family pack $40

  • 20 sausages in handsome retail packaging (keeps for approximately two weeks)

  • Choose four types of sausages (packs of 5)


Friends and family pack $50

  • 30 sausages in low key vacuum packaging (keeps for approximately one week)

  • Choose three types of sausages (packs of 10)

Beef with Bush Tomato Cooked_ 8.jpg


Sausages must be collected from The Sausage Factory in Dulwich Hill during opening hours.

For larger volumes or other Chrissy’s Cuts sausage varieties please get in touch for a custom quote.


Tasting notes

Beef, bush tomato: Easy eating with a bit of gentle tomatoey awesomeness

Pork, bacon, maple: Smoky, slightly sweet, porky umami goodness

Beef, roasted wattleseed, Tasmanian mountain pepper: Beefy crowd pleaser with gentle native pepper

Kangaroo, Dorrigo pepper, aniseed myrtle: Gamey, gentle native spice, warm peppery grown up soss

Chicken, preserved lemon, honey, oregano: Chicken soss but not as you know it

Pork Nuremburg rostbratwurst: Warm nutmeg, all spice forward, cuddle of Euro pork


All sausages are gluten, dairy, nut and egg free. They contain small amounts of garlic, rice flour and soy protein, and are made using hog casings. Contact us if you have another allergen or dietary requirement you wish to enquire about.