About Chrissy

Sydney's Sausage Queen, Chrissy Flanagan, has made a habit of going against convention. A woman now working in a male dominated industry, she balances a career as a communications consultant with making and selling Chrissy’s Cuts, a delicious range of artisan sausages.

Her new career is even more surprising when it’s revealed that she is an ex-vegetarian. “In my spare time between contracts, I started making cheese, cured hams, jams, all sorts of food craft. Eventually my partner Jim asked that if I was going to keep making food could it please be beer or sausages. Figuring Sydney was well catered to for beer, I started getting into sausages," Chrissy said.

"Pretty soon I realised most commercial sausages were full of nasty nastiness, but that people loved them anyway, albeit with a weird guilt. I figured sausages lovers would enjoy sausages made from actual food even more, and it turns out I wasn't wrong!

"A lot of us have always eaten sausages because they're delicious but have felt kind of uncomfortable about what might be in them, but now we wonder no more! With my sausages you can know you're only eating the best bits, with no secrets, no surprises."

Launching in 2015, Chrissy’s Cuts were quickly snapped up by gastro pubs, restaurants and independent supermarkets and in early 2016, Chrissy bravely set out to redefine a traditional family favourite, the classic American hot-dog, resulting in what she calls her 'Sausage Dog'. Chrissy and her partner Jim opened 'The Sausage Factory' bar/bistro/cellar door in June 2017, where Chrissy's Cuts are made by day, and sausage lovers can taste the produce by night.

Chrissy makes her sausages from only free range, whole cuts of real meat - no junk.