About the sausage

Chrissy's Cuts sausages are available in retailers in:

  • Beef, bush tomato

  • Kangaroo with dorrigo pepper and aniseed myrtle

  • Beef, roasted wattleseed and Tasmanian mountain pepper

  • Pork, bacon and maple syrup

  • Chicken, preserved lemon, honey and oregano

  • Port Nuremburg rostbratwurst

Additionally, sausages are available for wholesale in:

  • Beef, pork beaumont style Pittsburg hotlinks

  • Lamb, sumac and mint

  • Camel pastourma

  • Pork cumberland

  • Pork and bacon kransky

 We also collaborate with chefs to develop custom varieties. To enquire contact chrissy@chrissyscuts.com.au